Sweat Etiquette

sweat etiquette

suggestions to sweat by…

  • Hydrate before and after your sauna session. Our hydration bar offers a variety of cold beverages to help replace the minerals, sodium and potassium
  • Put your plastic water bottles and cups outside of your sauna door. Glass bottles are ok to bring in with you if you enjoy drinking hot water!
  • Refrain from applying oil, lotion, perfume or any other products to your skin prior to enter in the sauna for your sweat session. Makeup should be removed too, you still are beautiful.
  • Sweating in your “birthday suit” or swimsuit is encouraged. The more skin exposed to the infrared, the more benefit. Bring some loose clothes or purchase some cozy ones from our boutique. It’s difficult to pull up your lulu lemons or jeans while your legs are wet.
  • Your “indoor voice” is greatly appreciated by all our other guests
  • Escape the demands of your day! Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can wait as you silence your cellphones for courtesy of all our guests
  • Gum is not invited into Organic Sweat Shack
  • Simply place your wet towels in the basket provided, we are happy to collect them after your session.
  • Our relaxation patio is a wonderful place to visit with friends while your body continues to cool down and sweat. Complimentary spring water and hot tea are provided. Please do not fill up your own personal water bottles 🙂 Thank you.